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Gardening Tools and Accessories

My Potting Shed - everything you need to nurture your garden, delivered to your door anywhere in the UK.

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Choosing your plant is step one, step two is learning how to care for your plants, and the final step is creating and maintaining the perfect home for your them. My Potting Shed offers a variety of tools and accessories to help keep your plants looking and feeling great, whether they are indoors or outdoors.

Plant Box

Gardening Tools & Accessories

My Potting Shed offers various products in order to help you get the most out of your gardening experiences, which also make a nice gift for a friend or loved one.


Finding the right pot for your indoor and outdoor plants is a very important part of keeping them happy and healthy. Explore our hand-selected range of sizes and designs.

Watering House Plants

Plant Care 

We often forget that there is more to caring for plants than watering them now and again. Explore our range of tools and accessories that will help you keep your plants happy.


Earth-Friendly Pest Control

Keep your plants safe from critters and animals all year round with our earth-friendly pest control products.

Cactus Collection


The best gifts are ones that come straight from your heart, and fit perfectly in your home. My Potting Shed offers a wide range of plants and accessories perfect for gifting.

My Potting Shed: Going Green

We offer a wide selection of plants, as well as high-quality gardening tools and supplies. However, we also provide wonderful insight and resources to help you care for and treat your plants the right way. Head over to our FAQs page for tips, tricks, and useful resources.

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