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At My Potting Shed our main goal is to make caring for and nurturing plants accessible for all. We specialise in providing good quality plants and accessories to complement every season and to make your spaces more beautiful. Our online garden centre believes in creating a more sustainable earth, which is why we encourage everyone to add a little green to their lives. This is at the top of our mission statement. Don't hesitate to contact us today, we are more than happy to help with plant selection and general advice. If you are feeling overwhelmed we have great resources on all of our plants and products as well as our FAQs.  Remember, all you need to get started is a single plant.

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Indoor Plants

Bring nature back into your home and explore our wide range of indoor plants, hand-picked by us. Whether you are looking for air purifying plants or leafy fernlike plants, My Potting Shed will help you discover the right choices for your home. Explore our wide range today.

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Outdoor Plants

Reconnect with nature and start your new plant journey with a beautiful selection of outdoor plants. You don't have to be a seasoned gardener to become a plant expert. Explore our shop today and learn more about our outdoor plant selection.

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Tools & Accessories

Tending to your plants is a big part of keeping your indoor and outdoor plants happy and healthy. My Potting Shed is here to support you by offering a wide range of tools and accessories, explore our range today.

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We love plants and we know you do too! Join our Facebook community and share all your wonderful plant adventures with us and the rest of the community. Our mission is to create a community space for all you lovely plant lovers to share your experiences, questions and plant updates. 

If you have any pressing questions about your new plant friends, why not pop a question into the group and see if anyone from our lovely community could assist you? If not, we are always there to address any questions you may have. 

If you are new to house plants or gardening, we also provide great resources on our website - see our FAQs page for tips and how best to care for your new friend. 

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Our love for plants is what drives us to bring you a good variety of quality plants and accessories in every season, from house plants to bedding plants and bulbs.

New to house plants or gardening? See our beginners page for tips on how best to care for your new friend.

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